About TMS Electronics

Since 1997 TMS Electronics has served the electronics industry with everything from electronic components to services in the field. We have received the highest ratings since 2004 from Dun & Bradstreet and UC since 2006. We are certified by Intertek under ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001: 2015.

Our head office and warehouse are located in Växjö (Sweden) and is one of northern Europe's largest containing electronic components. We own over 3,300 sqm high-bay warehouse with about 4,000 pallets and can offer plenty of storage capacity to our customers.

That combined with our highly efficient business model, long-term approach, professional staff and strong finances, we become a complete partner regardless of the size of the customer.

We also have offices in the US and Hong Kong.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a strong brand that our customers associate with good quality and service. Our brand neutrality and additional services gives us a broad range for our customers to utilise. We guarantee quality and traceability of our products, which we believe is the key to our success.

Company Policy

TMS Electronics and its bi-companies is to be seen by stakeholders as a qualified and competent distributor of electronic components. The industry expertise that TMS Electronics has is to always focus on the needs of customers and the desire to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Each customer contact is to be characterised by good service and fast, dependable deliveries with full traceability.

As a company, TMS Electronics is to work toward sustainable development in both its operations and the products it distributes. When technically and financial possible, TMS Electronics is to work to prevent pollution and to ensure that its products have been optimally adapted to minimise impact on the environment.

Our working environment is to be characterised by respect and confidence for individuals. It is also to be a safe and stimulating place to work. A good working environment doesn’t just involve minimising risks. It also means employees enjoy working here and can develop professionally.

Continual improvements in preventive work should be seen as a natural part of all operations, as should following relevant legislation, regulations and standards that society and our customers expect from us.

Växjö in February 2023

CEO, Tomas Möcander

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